Directions for Success in This Course

MyEducator MBA Prep courses are designed to help current and prospective MBA students gain the prerequisite knowledge and course credit to become a competitive applicants for and students in MBA programs. By working through the material in MBA Prep: Marketing, you will learn the essential marketing principles that will help you become successful in business school and in the business world. Follow the guidelines below to make the best use of the learning materials in this course.

Take the Pre-Test

The Pre-Test is intended to help you gauge your familiarity with the principles of marketing and identify concepts that you may need to spend extra time studying. Take the Pre-Test before studying any of the chapters in this course.

The Pre-Test consists of 80 questions, and there is no time limit. To take the Pre-Test, click on the Contents menu in the top left of the screen, then select Pre-Test. Alternatively, you can click on the Course menu in the top right of the screen, select Assessments, and click on the Pre-Test link near the bottom of the page.

Once you have completed the Pre-Test, you will be shown which questions you got wrong. You might choose to study only the concepts in this course with which you are unfamiliar, or you may choose to study each chapter in order.

Master Each Chapter

MBA Prep: Marketing is divided into eight different chapters: marketing strategy, the marketing environment, consumer behavior, market segmentation, product strategy and branding, pricing strategy, promotion strategy, and distribution strategy. For each of these, you will study the chapter to learn the material, answer Quick Check questions to test your understanding of the material, and take a Knowledge Check exam for review. Some chapters also contain Doing Marketing assignments where you can apply what you have learned in different scenarios.

1. Study the Chapter

Study the chapter thoroughly by reading the text, watching the videos, or both. After logging in to MyEducator, click on the Contents drop-down menu in the top left of the screen. Once you select a chapter to study, you can navigate among the different sections in the chapter using the table of contents on the left side of the screen.

If you want to read a section, just scroll down the screen. It might be a good idea to quickly scan the written material to get an idea of what is being covered, then go back and read more in depth.

If you want to watch or listen to the video lectures, just click on the Play arrow in the video box. If you feel that the video is too fast or too slow, you can change the speed by clicking on the settings icon in the video box, then selecting your desired speed.

Review the PowerPoint slides that match the video narrative for each section of the course. Click on the Course menu in the top right corner of the screen, then select Materials. Scroll down to the section labeled “PowerPoint Slides.” Here you can download the PowerPoint slides for each chapter. These slides contain a nice summary of the key points of the study assignments. They also are a nice tool for note‐taking if you decide to watch or listen to the video clips.

2. Complete the Quick Checks

Quick Checks located at the end of each section in a chapter contain practice questions that reinforce the key points in that section. You can access these practice questions in two ways. First, the Quick Check for each section is located at the bottom of the page for that section. Second, the Quick Checks can be found by clicking the Course menu in the top right corner of the screen, then selecting Assessments. This page contains a list of all the assessments in the course.

3. Complete the Doing Marketing Assignment

Some chapters include a Doing Marketing assignment that will help you identify and apply marketing principles in real-world situations. Doing Marketing assignments are found in the second-to-last section of certain chapters, just before the Summary and Knowledge Check section.

4. Complete the Knowledge Check

After you have studied the material, answered the Quick Check questions, and completed the Doing Marketing assignment, you are ready to take the Knowledge Check exam. These exams are open note, so it makes sense to take good notes as you study each chapter in MyEducator.

The Knowledge Checks are located in the last section of each chapter. You can also click on the Course drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen, select Assessments, and click on the appropriate Knowledge Check link in the list to launch the exam. After you have worked through the exam, verify that you have indicated a response to each question and that you have not accidentally changed any of your responses. Click the Submit Assessment button at the bottom of the screen to submit the exam.

You will then be shown your results, along with the correct answers to the questions you missed. Use these results to help you determine which parts of the chapter you need to review.

Best Practices

In summary, follow these best practices to master the material in each chapter:

  • Read through or watch the material in the chapter.

  • Complete the Quick Check in each section.

  • Complete the Doing Marketing assignment in the second-to-last section in the chapter.

  • Complete the Knowledge Check at the end of the chapter.

  • Use your results on the Knowledge Check to determine which concepts in the chapter you need to review, and then review those concepts.

Prepare for the Post-Test

The Knowledge Checks are intended to help you evaluate your understanding of the material in each chapter, whereas the Post-Test allows you to demonstrate that understanding. Take the Post-Test after you have completed studying each chapter as indicated by your results on the Pre-Test.

The Post-Test contains 80 questions. There is no time limit, and the Post-Test is open note. To take the Post-Test, click on the Contents menu, then select Post-Test. You can also access the Post-Test from the Assessments page.