Scott C. Hammond, Ph.D.

Scott C. Hammond is a professor and consultant with an international reputation for cross-cultural dialogue facilitation. He has worked with U.S. government agencies, UN-recognized NGOs, and global companies large and small on issues of culture and difference. He has published over 30 academic articles and book chapters and produced a number of training videos used by corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and distributed by companies like McGraw-Hill. Scott is a former broadcast news reporter and currently hosts the Telly Award-winning program The Utah Business Boardroom, broadcast weekly on KUEN.

Danny Damron, Ph.D.

Danny Damron is a professor and administrator specializing in cross-cultural curriculum development and program delivery. He has assisted colleges and universities building international engagement initiatives in China and Europe. He has worked with the European Parliament, The New York Times, LG, Hyundai Heavy Industries, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Scottish Parliament and other organizations promoting more effective cross-cultural communication. Danny has taught English as a second language both abroad and in the U.S. and works with the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development connecting higher education with Utah global business interests.

Christopher Liechty

Christopher Liechty began his career working on an international team at WordPerfect Corporation right out of college. Since then he has logged more than 20 years working on global teams as a consultant to American Express and other worldwide organizations. Through his leadership in cross-cultural design he has developed relationships around the world. His thoughts and creative works have been published internationally and a visualization of cultural data was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. He has taught marketing at the MBA level. Christopher was named an AIGA Fellow in 2008 and again in 2011 for his work as founding president of the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design, a division of AIGA the professional association for design.

Note: Liechty is a Swiss-German word meaning “small light” and he pronounces it Lick’-tee.