What to Expect

This book guides the student of professional sales in advanced selling strategy. It explores the science and the practical art of selling more deeply and in a more thoughtful way.

Chapter 1 is a connecting bridge between previous learning and this new opportunity to advance student knowledge and expertise as a sales professional.

Chapter 2 focuses on some basic scientific principles of persuasion.

Chapter 3 explores the reality and complexity of sellers’ decision-making processes in a business-to-business selling environment. The practical instruction prepares the student to navigate this complexity successfully.

Chapter 4 considers the importance of sales call planning. Cognitive science is as important in preparation as it is in execution! The bulk of this chapter is about creating discoveries in the minds of prospective buyers. It includes both the science and practice behind the Needs Audit stage of the sales process. This chapter has abundant examples of the Needs Audit plays.

Chapter 5 exposes the student of professional selling to more practical application for overcoming objections and handling difficult questions. The student will enjoy walking through the playset in a step-by-step manner.

Chapter 6 offers a deeper look at the variety of ways to conduct demonstrations and Solution Presentations.

Chapter 7 provides guidance to protect professional sellers against letting sales opportunities stall, decay, and die.

Chapter 8 reminds professional sellers that they began making implied promises during the very first interaction with the suspect. Skilled sellers continue to use benefit-centric language throughout the sales process. Benefit-centric language implies a promise that buyers will receive similar benefits. Our job as salespeople is to DELIVER results, not just promise them! Customer impact and customer success is our mission. Chapter 8 reminds us why. It also helps guide the salesperson in what to do and how to do it.

Your study of Advanced Selling Strategy: Science and Practice of Persuasion is a great next step in your development as a professional salesperson. Your intention to learn and practice the concepts will help you advance your skill and become more persuasive. Your attention here is an important next step in the development of a prosperous career.