Kim Hollman, Chair of the Business Management Department, Madison College - For her continued support, guidance, motivation, and inspiration. If not for Kim, this textbook would not have been possible.

To my students - I am inspired by and learn from them every day. To know that career paths have been changed by introducing students to project management makes me want to be a better educator every day.

Terrence Wall, President and CEO, T Wall Enterprises - For being a great friend to myself and my family over many years and for allowing valuable access to his company’s personnel and business information in order for us to create the Mainstreet real estate development case study used in the textbook.

Scott Tebon, Director of Construction, T Wall Enterprises - For spending his valuable time answering questions and providing valuable insights and examples used to create the Mainstreet real estate development case study.

Joe Stadelman, President, Angus-Young Architects/Engineers - For spending the time and effort to give us permission to use his company’s floor plans in the text and as an example of a context diagram.

Megumi Tatsukawa - For being my partner in this crazy adventure called life and for her patience, support, encouragement, wisdom, and Excel expertise in helping create the project document templates used in the textbook.

Clay Rehm, PMP - For being a wonderful mentor to those aspiring to be project managers and for his positivity, patience, and willingness to jump into this project to help add his project management professional experience to editing the text and contributing to the information found in the project documents and textbook.