Welcome to Problem Solving

Welcome to the world of problem-solving using Python. Problem solving is something that is done on a daily basis. Whether you are trying to decide where to eat, who to date, whether to get a pet and if so, what type of pet, trying to determine what to buy at the grocery store, which video game to play, or which movie to watch, you implement problem solving skills on a daily basis. This course will help you practice problem solving skills in a technical environment using a programming language.

The more an individual follows a logical process to solving a problem the more experienced one will become in knowing what situations might work and what to avoid. If technologists can implement better problem-solving skills, they might be able to reduce the number of failed technology projects often due to being over budget or over schedule.

Take a moment and perform a web search for failed software projects and take note of the reason a project was deemed a failure. You might see common themes such as scope creep (continuous and uncontrolled growth in the project requirements usually due to poor identification of full problem), not solving the problem (not fit for purpose), cost overruns, technology not capable of being implemented, and the solution not meeting the goal to solve the problem.