Human Resource Certification Preparation

Our mission is to increase the standards of professionalism in the field of human resource management by helping HR managers learn the HR body of knowledge. HR managers perform a vital role in improving the quality of work life and increasing organizational effectiveness. Our desire is to have HR managers perform as true professionals by learning and applying the HR body of knowledge. We believe the human resource certification program plays a valuable role in increasing the level of professionalism. HR managers who consider themselves professionals should become certified to demonstrate their commitment to their profession.


The purpose of the Human Resource Certification Preparation Program is to help you prepare for the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) exam. These materials will help you learn the major concepts in the HR body of knowledge. Please be aware, however, of the following:

  1. The Human Resource Certification Preparation Program does not teach to the test. Although these materials cover all of the major HR topics in each functional area, there is no course and no training resource available anywhere that is guaranteed to cover all of the content tested on the HRCI exam.

  2. No training program, including the Human Resource Certification Preparation Program, is a substitute for practical experience in human resources. The HRCI exam covers “generalist” knowledge in the field of human resource management. Your success on the exam will depend in large part on your ability to apply HR concepts to practical situations.

  3. Because the human resource management field is constantly changing, the HRCI certification exam must change as well. While we have made an effort to cover the major human resource management topics, there will likely be topics in the exam that are not covered in the Human Resource Certification Preparation Program. On the other hand, not all of the material covered in this program will be included in the exam. We have made every attempt to insure that the material in this program is correct and current. However, be aware that errors can occur and laws and practices may change.

  4. These materials are intended for use as an aid to preparation for the HRCI certification exam. Studying these materials does not guarantee, however, that you will pass the exam. This program is not to be considered legal or professional advice.