How to Use This Resource

This resource presents course material in both a text and video lecture format with synchronized PowerPoint slides, sample problems, and practice problems and solutions. We suggest the following guidelines to make the best use of the learning materials in this course.

Completing the practice problems and comparing your answers with the solutions provided will reinforce the key points in each topic. The practice problems and solutions can be found by clicking the blue buttons labeled “Questions,” “Practice Exercises,” “Exercises,” and “Problems” at the bottom of most sections, just before the review assessment. Some sections also include a “Work-Thru” or “Walk-Thru” video demonstrating how to complete one of these practice exercises.

Many students are tempted to simply refer to the solutions rather than working through the assigned problems on their own. However, the best learning takes place when a student works through the assigned problems on her or his own before looking at the provided solution.

Finally, the auto-graded review assessment at the end of each section will help you solidify what you have learned. Whether or not your instructor requires you to complete these for a grade, they will be essential resources for you to know if you have mastered the material!