Excel Assignments

You will need to use Excel 365 or Excel 2019 to complete the activities in this course. Please note that the Cloud-based online version of Excel will not operate properly with the course materials; a version of Excel that has been downloaded and installed on your local hard drive is required for this course.

The version of Microsoft Excel you need for this course is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is often available at little or no cost to current students. Your instructor may have information on how to download a free or reduced-price copy of Excel.

Check Your Version of Excel

If you plan to use a computer that already has Excel installed, you will need to check your version before starting.

Note that the version might be for business, enterprise, apps for business, professional, or home and student. Any of these Microsoft licence versions is acceptable.

Check Your Version of Excel (00:51)

Version Book Windows Transcript

To check your version:

  • Click on the File menu and choose Account.

  • If you have Office 365, the Account page will display 365 as shown in Figure 0.1

    Figure 0.1: Excel 365
  • If you have Excel 2019, the Account page will display 2019 as shown in Figure 0.2.

    Figure 0.2: Excel 2019

Check the Build number. If it is less than 11425.20204, click the Office Updates button.

A build greater than or equal to 11425.20204 is necessary for this course. If your updated build is lower, you may need to download and install Excel 365.