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Financial Accounting Practice Sets with Excel


Nate Stephens, PhD, CPA
Brigham Young University–Hawaii
Nick Ball, PhD
Utah Valley University
Gove Allen, PhD
Brigham Young University
Edition 1
(rev. 604)

The Financial Accounting Practice Sets with Excel course contains several accounting practice sets, encompassing most of the accounting skills covered in introductory financial accounting courses. Each practice set provides instructions covering the Excel skills needed to complete the practice set. Instructions are embedded within each Excel practice set as well as in the online text resource both in written and video form. Practice sets are graded based on the correctness of the accounting problem as well as the correct use of relevant Excel functions. Excel functions used in this resource include, but are not limited to the following list:


  • COUNTIF Function

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Cell References

  • Basic Calculations (add, subtract, divide, multiply)

  • Absolute Value

  • IF Statement (including nested IF Statements)

  • PV Function

  • SUMIF Function

  • SUM Function

  • DATEDIF Function

  • Drop-Down Lists

  • Absolute Cell References

  • Cell Formatting

  • Displaying Decimal Places

The practice problems and assignments are paired with an intelligent, robust, and detailed grading engine that automates the grading process and provides students with immediate and clear feedback. Optional LMS integration provides for automatic recording of grades into the LMS, as well as the option to embed assignments directly into the LMS.

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